Mont St. Piran- July 3,2010

We decided to do this hike again this year as this was our first hike of 2010 and we needed see our condition before we tried new ones. Mont St Piran rests on the north west (right) side of Lake Louise and overlooks all three of the tiered lakes (Lake Louise, Mirror Lake, and Lake Agnes).

It's July 3,2010...beautiful weather; a bit cloudy at the Lake Louise level..... We arrived at about 8;30 AM. It was quiet; not many people as of yet. As we were making our way to the top of Mt St. Piran, we were surprised to still see snow on the ground; the weather was getting colder and once we reached the summit it started snowing.. Yes July 3 and it was We took a different way back....we took a horse was the ground chewed up. We came accross a few people on a trail ride ( gorgeous large horses). This way was a bit shorter. Once we made our way back to Lake Louise , it was soooooooo crowded. It was like a different world.We then headed to Banff for a great late lunch at the Bison Bistro. Fun day!

You will need a Banff national park pass to use this area.





Start at the front lawn (lakeside) of the Chateau Lake Louise. Walk Hikers right to begin.Go past the tea house towards the Big beehive.The turn off is left before the Big Beehive..not marked.


Total Distance- 12.24 km return ( 7.65 miles)
Time- It took us 5 hours
Average Grade- 12.8%
Elevation Gain- 920.92 meters ( 2993 feet)
Start Elevation- 1732 m (5629 feet)
Max Elevation- 2,649 m (8.689 feet)

Max speed- 11 miles/hour